Snap-On Smile® Appliance

     Snap-On Smile® is a removable provisional multipurpose restorative dental appliance that requires no shots (anesthesia), no drilling (cutting down healthy tooth structure) and no adhesives. Snap-On Smile® appliances can be use for a variety of dental conditions such as cosmetic smile enhancement (creating the beautiful Hollywood Smile of your dreams), increasing a patient’s vertical dimension (opening a patient’s collapsed bite), a removable cosmetic partial denture (replacing missing teeth and enhancing existing teeth) and as a provisional implant restoration (to maintain space and tooth orientation during implant fixture healing). Not only is a Snap-On Smile® appliance very versatile in the variety of dental conditions it can be used to treat, it also is extremely flexible in its fabrication incorporating 23 different shades and 18 different smile designs and tooth shapes. A Snap-On Smile® appliance also has the advantages of being modestly priced, having a quick turn around time (usually only one to two weeks from impressions to placement of the final restoration), the capability to cosmetically enhance the patient’s entire arch (all the teeth in either the upper or lower jaw) not just replace missing teeth, can be used on both arches to cosmetically enhance the patient’s entire mouth, is completely reversible and is very easy to care for.

    Snap-On Smile® appliances are made of a crystallized acetyl resin that allows it to expand over the patent’s existing teeth therefore requiring no adhesive for it to stay securely in the patient’s mouth. The Snap-On Smile® appliance resin also allows the appliance to be made as thin as 0.5 mm without compromising its strength, is extremely stain resistant and gives the look of veneers without the high cost of the final restorations. The Snap-On Smile® appliance is extremely easy to care for. It should be brushed on both its inner and outer aspects after every meal and stored in the container designed to protect it from becoming lost or damaged. Snap-On Smile® appliances do require the patient to have natural teeth present since they are designed to fit over existing teeth. If the patient does have the required natural teeth present then Snap-On Smile® offers a quick, painless, economic dental solution for patients who are phobic, financially restricted, time constrained, medically compromised, have medical complications or are just not willing to go through the traditional treatment required for final restorations.

    Snap-On Smile® appliances must always be removed by gently rocking them in a side-to-side motion using both hands; this is imperative to prevent them from breaking. A Snap-On Smile® appliance should not be left in while sleeping unless it was designed for use as a bruxing appliance, night guard or orthodontic retainer and the doctor instructs the patient to specifically leave the appliance in while sleeping. A Snap-On Smile® appliance should always be brushed inside and out after every meal, always kept in its proper protective container when not in the mouth and should never be squeeze or flexed since this can lead to appliance fracture. A Snap-On Smile® appliance is contraindicated in patients who are completely edentulous (have no teeth), patients who are currently in active orthodontic treatment (braces or Invisalign), patients with severe or advanced periodontal disease of the remaining dentition (gum disease), severely misaligned teeth or developmental jawbone problems.

    A Snap-On Smile® appliance used to enhance a patient’s smile can change the shape, size, color and alignment of teeth while also replacing any missing teeth. Using a Snap-On Smile® appliance to increase a patient’s vertical dimension on teeth that are severely worn from attrition, abrasion and or erosion reestablishes the patient’s teeth natural height and also increases the patient’s facial height or vertical dimension achieving the correct distance between the chin and nose. A Snap-On Smile® appliance used as a removable partial denture can not only replace the patient’s missing teeth like a conventional removable partial denture but can also enhance the appearance of the adjacent teeth since it covers all the existing teeth in the arch. A Snap-On Smile® appliance used as an implant provisional restoration has the advantages of not impinging on the gingival (gum) tissue during the healing phase of treatment and does not cover the palate (roof of the mouth) because it ‘s retention is completely tooth borne.

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