Benefits of TMJ Treatment

If you are someone with TMJ or TMD, you may already know about the condition. If not, it is something that affects the temporomandibular joints on both sides of the jaw, and prevent you from enjoying a full range of motion. The condition causes everything from pain and immobility to exhaustion. Clearly, there are benefits of TMJ treatment if they alleviate such symptoms, and Joseph Preziosi, DMD in Clark, NJ is happy to work with patients suffering from TMJ.

It is actually difficult to understand just why patients develop TMJ or TMD. Experts even say that it can range from something as simple as overuse, misalignment, tension and inflammation, but they cannot put a finger on the exact origins that lead to the problem. Fortunately, as a full-service dentist in Clark, Dr. Preziosi frequently consults with patients about their symptoms and helps them enjoy the benefits of TMJ treatment.

These benefits include:

Reducing the further damages from TMJ – People suffering from TMJ or TMD frequently clench their teeth together. Whether they develop bruxism (which is teeth grinding) or they begin to damage the teeth each time they clench them together, one of the benefits of TMJ treatment is the use of special splints and other remedies that block this clenching from causing any further harm or injury.

Ends the pain and discomfort – When you are in pain most of the time, you are tired and your thinking is impacted. Clearly, among the key benefits of TMJ treatment is that it is designed to address the discomfort caused by active TMJ and TMD symptoms. Whether you use a splint, special medication, or a few lifestyle changes that reduce stress, you will also experience a decrease in pain.

You can begin to eat again – Many people struggle to eat when they have active TMJ, and the treatments can allow you to begin eating foods that have become challenging.

Eliminate ear issues –  A lot of people with TMJ also end up with “tinnitus.” This is a very difficult issue that causes non-stop ringing in the ears. It can become distracting to some, and though experts are unclear as to the connections between TMJ and ear issues, treating TMJ can end the ear problems.

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These are but a few of the benefits of TMJ treatment, and we would encourage you to get in touch to book a consultation if you feel you have this problem. If you have additional questions about the TMJ or TMD, or wish to discuss more about the options listed here, give us a call at our Clark, NJ office at 908-654-7100. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.