Benefits of Laser Dentistry

It is almost unnecessary to ask people if the whining of a dentist’s drill is a major cause of upset and anxiety as they wait for treatment. That sound is easily one of the most irritating, and when we are actually receiving the treatment, the vibrations, pressure, sound, spray and heat only make matters worse. It is why the benefits of laser dentistry cannot be ignored, and whyJoseph Preziosi, DMD in Clark, NJ uses this technology.

Of course, the absence of the noise, vibrations and heat are not the only benefits of laser dentistry, and once you learn more about this technology, you may make Dr. Preziosi your dentist in Clark!

The appeal of laser dentistry begins with the fact that it is actually less painful than traditional drills. In fact, many patients indicate that the treatments done with the laser are virtually painless, or require only the absolute minimum of pain relief (meaning less injections and less use of anesthesia). Imagine a filling or root canal that allows you to leave the office without any upset over discomfort and injections, and also to be able to speak without numb lips as soon as the treatment is over!

Another of the benefits of laser dentistry is the fact that a laser is more accurate. This means that fillings can be smaller because Dr. Preziosi will not have to remove larger areas of the enamel or pulp to do the treatment. The same precision and painless treatments include anything done to the gum tissue as well. Thus, another of the benefits of laser dentistry is that more tissue is left intact, ensuring your natural teeth can remain stronger and healthier.

Laser dentistry also creates much less swelling and bleeding because it causes less trauma to the areas being treated. The drills typically used can cause cracks, chips and fractures. They interfere with the healthy parts of the teeth, and anything done to the gums tends to cause bleeding and swelling. Laser dentistry does not lead to such outcomes, allowing faster healing and far more comfortable treatment and recovery.

Finally, a benefit of working with a laser dentist such as Dr. Preziosi is that you end up requiring fewer visits. In the past, only one area at a time could be treated for things such as cavities and root canals. The effectiveness of laser dentistry, however, allows several issues to be dealt with at once, and this results in fewer office visits.

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