Laser Dentistry

At Dr. Preziosi’s dentist office, we like to make our patients as comfortable as possible, this includes the use of laser dentistry. We use the Den Mat Sapphire Diode Laser in several of our treatments. Lasers are becoming the future of dentistry; there is less pain, faster recovery, less discomfort, better results, faster procedures and there’s no drilling sound! The Diode Laser is specialized for soft tissue and requires little to no local anesthetic compared to traditional methods.


Laser Dentistry can be used for bothlaser dentistry hygienic procedures and surgical procedures. For patients who are terrified of the drill, lasers provide a quieter and faster visit to the dentist. This is extremely beneficial to children’s dentistry. It’s possible your child may need a dental procedure and the sound of the drill terrifies them, luckily, laser dentistry is quiet and will reduce the likelihood that your child will need any needles poked into them for a local anesthetic. Lasers can also be used during a cleaning and can help remove any plaque or tartar on the teeth or near the gum line. It’s extremely effective during periodontal treatments, which can at times be painful and make your gums bleed. Laser dentistry stops your gums from bleeding as much as they would with traditional methods and will require little to no local anesthetic. Laser dentistry is great for eliminating bacteria, plaque and tartar that can be inflaming your gums. If you’ve experienced bad periodontal treatments in the past, ask your dentist to try it with laser dentistry next time.

Laser dentistry is also helpful during invasive surgical procedures. During the procedure, the laser decontaminates the area between the teeth and gums and removes diseased gum tissue. It only removes the damaged and infected gums, leaving your healthy gums and teeth behind. It can also be used for gum contouring (aka crown lengthening). This procedure removes any excess gum tissue forcing you to have a gummy smile. This procedure can also be used to prepare teeth for the installation of dental crowns. Laser dentistry can also be used during whitening treatments. With a variety of treatment options, using laser dentistry instead of traditional methods provides many benefits.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

•Less gum bleeding

•Little to no local anesthetic needed




•Less gum swelling

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If you want to improve your oral health by using laser dentistry for removing tooth decay, cleaning the area before procedures, reshaping your gums, removing small tissue and lesions or just have a more comfortable cleaning or periodontal treatment, you should consider laser dentistry. Contact us today at (908) 654-7100 to schedule an appointment for your laser dentistry procedure.

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