Am I a Candidate for Periodontics?

Am I a Candidate for Periodontics? candidate for periodontics

Periodontal treatment becomes necessary as soon as you have any signs of gum disease. This means that almost anyone can become a candidate for periodontics because they may be developing this potentially harmful condition long before they show clear signs of its presences. In Clark, New Jersey, Dr. Joseph Preziosi Jr., D.M.D. offers patients a full range of periodontics to help prevent, diagnose, and eliminate any level of gum disease.

Who Is a Candidate for Periodontics?

Even before you have swollen or bleeding gums, tenderness or loosening teeth, you could have some form of gum disease. It begins easily enough when plaque builds up at the gum line, hardens into tartar and then begins to trap bacteria between the gum and the tooth. Over time, the pockets of bacteria become infected, and this can spread throughout the gums, putting all of the teeth at risk.

As your dentist in Clark, Dr. Preziosi Jr. places an emphasis on general or preventative dental care in order to address the issue of gum disease and identify any candidate for periodontics as early as possible. As with so many other dental issues, the faster the problem is uncovered and addressed, the better the results.

If you have not been for a visit for some time, or had an exam in the last year, it is of the utmost importance that you phone our office and book a visit. It is better to become a candidate for periodontics when we can use the least invasive treatments. This might be several deep cleanings and a course of antibiotics, or something a bit more invasive such as scaling and root planing. However, if these non-surgical remedies do not alleviate the infection, it can become necessary to use surgical interventions.

The risks from periodontal disease are substantial. While you might think that swollen and bleeding gums is not all that serious, just consider that the condition worsens over time. Soon, you will discover that you may have chronic halitosis, your teeth may be moving and loosening, and you can even lose your adult teeth to this condition.

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