Experience better dental care with the help of new technology used at Dr. Preziosi’s office. We’re always striving to make your experience at our office better with the help of the latest in dental technology. We want you to like caring for your oral health and these products only make your visit faster and more enjoyable. Learn about the latest technology we’re using in the office.

Digital X-Raysdigital x-rays

X-Ray technology has advanced immensely over the years.
You no longer have to wait for them to develop and be printed. With digital x-rays, it takes less than five minutes to x-ray your entire mouth and they will immediately be uploaded to the computer to view. They produce much clearer pictures and are more environmentally friendly and less toxic. They will also provide you with a more accurate diagnosis than old x-rays. Experience digital x-rays today!

Den Mat Sapphire® Diode Laser

The Den Mat Sapphire® Diode Laser is used for several procedures. Most importantly, it lessens the amount of time spend in the chair and is a more comfortable alternative to traditional dental care. There are many benefits to using laser dentistry including less bleeding, faster procedures, better results, less pain, better treatment, no tissue scaring and faster healing. Laser dentistry is the future of dentistry. Experience the many benefits today!

oral cancer screeningOral Cancer Screening

Unfortunately, only 35% of oral cancers are diagnosed before they have progressed. This is because of limited examination techniques available to dentists up until now other than a visual exam. Thankfully, products like the VELscope® have been created. It’s hard to know if you have cancer or pre-cancer in your mouth if you can’t see it with your naked eye. With VELscope®, pre-cancerous cells can be detected beneath the surface. When you catch your cancer in the pre-cancerous stage, your five-year survival rate goes up to 80%, while with conventional methods, your five-year survival rate is 52%. It’s important to catch the cancer as early on as possible so we can ensure you a better recovery! At Dr. Preziosi’s office, we want to make sure our patients stay in the best health possible, which is why we invested in an oral cancer screening product like VELscope. Schedule an appointment today to get your oral cancer screening with VELscope.

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