Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can benefit almost any smile by giving it a fresh, young and clean appearance. If your teeth are dull and yellow whether from age or just enjoying necessities like red wine and coffee, teeth whitening can benefit you. Learn more about our cosmetic dentistry procedure and how it can transform your smile. Schedule a dentist appointment at our Clark, NJ dentist office for your next cleaning and teeth whitening treatment.

What Causes Stained or Yellow Teeth?

There are tons of things in life that can stain your teeth, here are the most popular.

• Smoking- Another good reason to quit smoking, it affects the color of your teeth (and health of your mouth and gums!)

• Red Wine, Cola, Coffee- There are many delicious drinks out there, do not let them ruin your smile.

• Genetics- Unfortunately some people are destined to have yellow teeth, luckily there’s teeth whitening for that.

• Prescription Drugs- Some prescription drugs such as antibiotics can change the color of your teeth, leaving you with unwanted stains.


What About Over the Counter Treatments?Teeth Whitening2

It is true that whitening toothpaste, strips and mouthwashes enhance your smile. Unfortunately they do not give the same results that your dentist can give you. Over the counter products are not legally allowed to contain the amount of bleaching that professionals use in office which is why you can never achieve the same results at home. Instead of throwing your money away at whitening strips and other products, it is more financially efficient to schedule a treatment at your dentist’s office.

The Procedure

Dr. Preziosi offers deep bleaching at his office and also take home trays and gels so you can whiten on your own time as well. The procedure is easy and fast. First you will sit in the chair and Dr. Preziosi will fill your mouth tray with the bleaching gel and then place it in your mouth. Within 30 minutes, your teeth will be significantly whiter. He will also send you home with trays and whitening gel so you can achieve a bright smile at home.

Contact Us

If you live in the Clark, New Jersey area and are tired of having discolored and stained teeth, contact the office of Dr. Preziosi today at (908) 654-7100 to schedule an appointment for your whitening treatment in Clark, or fill out our online contact form to be contacted. If patients do not respond to whitening treatments, there are other options like porcelain veneers or dental crowns.

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